Friday, 21 December 2012

Vintage Bharatanatyam this evening at KGS

Aniruddha Knight, a classical dancer who traces his lineage to the great Balasaraswathi  is dancing at Krishna Gana Sabha, T. Nagar on Dec.21, 7.30 pm.

And if you are a dance connosieur, keen to watch dance of a time gone by this is the recital to be at.

Aniruddha says that he will present the traditional margam the way Bala did in her time and a style which is rarely see today in south India.
The teermanams, he says are of Bala's guru Kandappa Pillai, so go back to over 100 years.
Brindamma's grandson, Girish will sing for the recital.

"I don't try to mimic or copy Bala's dance. " says Aniruddha. "The vintage music itself guides a dancer and I bring my aesthetics to it."

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