Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A ragamalika on the 'season'; from Ganesh-Kumaresh

Ganesh  (of violin duo Ganesh & Kumaresh) sang in praise of Chennai Margazhi Season at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore on 10.12.12.  

The song, composed by Usha Ramkumar (mother of Abhishek) gives a vivid description of the specialties of the season. That there is scope for all, like veterans, seniors and budding artistes.  That there is variety in the form of vocal, veena, violin, flute, dance etc.

The rasikas come in pattu sarees with matching accessories.

The season starts from mid Karthgai and goes throughout Margazhi.  The Sabhas conducting the festival are many in number. 

The song is a ragamalika starting with Hindolam, then Nattai, Dharmavathy and finally Atana.

Ganesh & Kumaresh gave a scintillating performance. Mohana Rama in raga Mohanam was the main piece.  The kalpana swaras were flowing like a fierce river.
The kutchery concluded with a medley of Bhagyada Lakshmi, followed by Harivarasanam, then Nagumomu galavani.

The video link of the song Pride of Chennai is given below.

- Report and photo by V. Vasantha

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