Monday, 31 December 2012

Old world charm

If you have been following the concert schedules of various sabhas during the season, you would not have missed the distinct feature of Naada Inbam. This Mylapore based organisation which has a well treated hall with good acoustics tucked inside the quite Luz Avenue areas is one people with a liking for the old school classical music.

Young and the seniors who follow the traditional music and present it the way the yesteryear veterans used to a few decades ago, get to perform at this venue. Jaya Balakrishnan took the responsibility of keeping the traditions of her father, music connoisseur S.V. Krishnan, after he passed away a few years ago.

Ashwin Anand's Veena concert
Jaya says that she looks out for musicians who are good but not in the popular concert circles and listens to their performances on the radio or CDs before inviting them to perform at this hall. The young and the seasoned musicians from the neighbouring states Kerala and Karnataka also get to perform here.

She says," I have heard a lot about the senior musician Palkulangara K. Ambika Devi through many friends. When I wanted to invite her for this season, I consulted other senior musicians like Seetha Rajan."

Kalyani Ganesan's Veena concert
Veena artistes and young vocalists find this venue a good platform to exhibit the 'old school style' instead of a concert set to the stereotyped format.

On Dec. 30, Kalyani Ganesan, a top graded veena artists performed in the morning. Ramakrishnan Murthy, a young vocalist performed to a full house in the afternoon and the senior musician Alamelu Mani performed in the evening.

Alamelu Mani's vocal concert
The sabha is hosting concerts till Jan. 5, 2013 with concerts by seniors Malladi Suri Babu (Dec. 31), Radha Namboodiri (Jan. 1). Neela Ramgopal (Jan. 4), M. Chandrasekaran (Jan. 5).
The younster to watch at this hall are Padma Sugavanam and Bharat Sundar (Jan. 1), Amrita Murali (Jan. 2), Sumitra Vasudev (Jan. 3).

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