Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lots to explore in Dikshitar kritis

Sunday morning 8.30 is not early for those who love to delve deep into the highly philosophical kritis of Dikshitar.
There are more than 150 people at Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha's lec-dem session by violinist R.K. Sriramkumar.

A scholar in Sanskrit and one who has studied Dikshitar kritis with reference to Srividya puja concept, Sriramkumar takes the listeners to different level to understand what Dikshitar had experienced!
He sings the verses in perfect diction clearly explaining the musical intricacies of the kritis.

The audience - young, old, musicians, students - are rapt in attention.

Sriramkumar says," You can talk for a whole day on a single composition of Dikshitar. Yet there will be a lot more to explore!"

Heavy subjects do pull in listeners. It needs one like Sriramkumar to speak on them. That's the secret!

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