Tuesday, 18 December 2012

TVG hosts fest in Besant Nagar temple; Dec.18 onwards

One venue in the city is special to some artistes.
The hall at the Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple in Besant Nagar, south Chennai.
It is simple, clean and can accommodate about 300 people. The music of the temple rituals also floats in but that creates the atmosphere!

Musicians and dancers living this side of the city like to perform here.

Prof. T V Gopalakrishnan who runs AIMA in this part of the city also runs a December season festival. The 2012 edition starts on Dec.18 and will go on till Dec.24 and has some pretty good artistes.

Shafeekudeen and Shabana, sishyas of the Dhananjayas dance on Dec.19, 6 pm and a concert by Dr Rukmini Ramani follows ( 7.10 pm), the Akkarai Sisters' violin concert is on Dec.20 evening, followed by the talented Pavitra Srinivasan presenting Sundara Kandam, a natya feature on the glory of Sri Hanuman.

Lalgudi GJR Krishnan's violin recital is on Dec.21, Rama Varma's vocal concert 
on Dec.22, 7 pm and Kadri Gopalnath and Kannyakumari ( sax and violin) perform on Dec.23 evening.

The fest, dedicated to Chembai Bhagavathar, TVG's guru is open to all.

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