Sunday, 2 December 2012

OST has got his own place; Nov.30 concert

30.11.2012. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore.

The auditorium was full.  The vidwan on stage - O S Thyagarajan whose style of singing is always crisp and pure.
OST started with ‘Vada rasane Sriguru’ in Poorvikalyani ragam by Walajapet Venkataramana Bhagavathar. The song, a guruvandanam was more appropriate than an invocation.  The next was 'Narada gana lola' in Atana, another apt song because it is believed that saint Thyagaraja was the incarnation of Narada.  

'Sanathana paramananda’ in Deshadi (Saint Thyagaraja) and ‘Mamava sada karunaya’ in  Khamas (Lalitha Dasar)   followed in quick succession.  It is always a delight to hear OST rendering the songs without much elaboration in the form of alapana, neraval, swaras. etc., with full justification to the raga and sahithya.

The main song ‘Upacharamulanu’ in Bhairavi along with thani ran for an hour.  Though people felt it a bit lengthy, the rendition was chaste and flawless.

The kutcheri lasted exactly for 2 hours and it was  effortless singing. Yes OST has got his own place in Carnatic music.

- Report and photo by V. Vasantha

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