Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday quiet rules at MFAC: truly Mylapore

If there is one place that holds a middle class Mylapore world together it may well be the Mylapore Fine Arts Club (MFAC) community when it gatheres at the sabha's hall at a time like the December Season.

The people, the attitude and the buzz is just Mylapore and the community seems very comfortable inside this very skeletal hall located on what is now called Musiri Subramaniam Road.

The Sunday quiet ruled here even as the sabha prepared for its opening evening this season. The early guests attended a little ritual - the flag hoisting ceremony.

The chief guest today was Gopalkrishna Gandhi and the awardees were senior vidwan T V Gopalakrishnan and dancer Shobana.

The house was fairly full. The speeches rambled.

TVG spoke of his first days in Madras in 1951, stepping out here with a mridangam, a sruti box and two sets of clothes and checking into a lodge in Triplicane and of his early concerts at MFAC.

Shobana rambled - she made it a point to tell the audience that she was wearing a pattu sari bought by aunt Padmini at Nallis ( yes, patron Nalli Kuppuswamy was one of the guests on stage) some 60 years ago and presented to her later.

A sober start to the 'season' at MFAC. 

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