Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sabha executives comment

 Two executives of 2 city sabhas have reacted to notes / posts / letters made in the KB coverage of the season.  The edited versions are posted below -

- The Kutcheribuzz issue of Dec. 24 carried a complaint of non-members of Krishna Gana Sabha to T. M. Krishna about being denied seats for his free morning concerts and being restrained from occupying seats reserved for members, I do not see what is wrong with that. 

How can let our members scramble for a seat after paying membership fees several times over the amount that they last prevailed? Do they not have any privileges? Do they not constitute the artistes and the sabha's main supporters?
It is quite another matter if the free kutcheri is in a public venue where all appurtenances for a music performance are not the responsibility of a sabha and no class of the listening public can claim any exclusive privilege. 
- R. Sivaramakrishnan,  member, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha.

- This has reference to the report by R. Revathi on the issue of closing early Sriranjani's concert.
It was not true that it was abruptly stopped. It was because of some communication gap between the person in charge of screen and the office bearer, who was present to give payment to the artistes.

Even on Sunday, Bharati Ramasubban sang till 3:10 pm. As a committee member I have been deputed at the ticket counter and I have to be there right from 3pm to issue tickets. She has unnecessarily dragged my name and alleged that I had no answer. I am not an octopus to do everything. There were two office-bearers who responded to the complaints on that day.

- V.Mahalingam,  Committee Member, MFAC

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