Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Narada Gana Sabha awards show

Sabha executive R. Krishnaswamy runs the show like a strict school headmaster. So the opening evening of Narada Gana Sabha where he is secretary got off on time, kept to the agenda and attracted a big house on Dec.14.

It was an evening to celebrate three, na . . four artistes - the Dhananjayans, dancers and guru, Rukmini Ramani, composer and guru and nadaswaram vidwan Injikudi E P Lakshmanan.

They were decorated with awards by chief guest Gopalakrishna Gandhi.
Special guest, dancer-guru Prof. C V Chandrasekar ( fondly called Chandru-anna) was in rewind mode, sharing times and work spent with the Dhananjayans, from the time Shantha arrived from Malaysia when she was 8, followed by Dhananjayan's presence some years later.

Gandhi, now a favourite at cultural events of this kind was a tad longwinded, very professorial.

Artist Nandakumar and his ward Devisri, who learns dance at the Dhananjayans space in Adyar presented the couple with a huge portrait painting. Their sishyas followed even as certificates to winners in music/dance competitions were awarded.

In the VIP rows were two Kalakshetra veterans, gurus of the Dhananjayans - Sarada Hoffman and N S Jayalakshmi. Theosophical Society senior G. Sundari was also here. They form the old guard of Rukmini Devi's era.

As dancers and young artistes greeted the Dhananjayans outside the hall, the nadaswaram vidwan Injikudi E P Lakshmanan, less abled was helped his away by his sishyas, quietly and unnoticed.

Chandru anna had in his felicitation speech asked his audience to enjoy the music of the nadaswaram when performed at weddings and receptions, not ignore it.

This very evening, the vidwan received his award gracefully on stage but hardly anybody even wished him.

There are different sides of the 'season'. This is also one of them.

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