Sunday, 2 December 2012

TMK's tribute to TKR ( T K Rangachari)

T M Krishna performed at The Music Academy at a centenary tribute to guru T K Rangachari. This was a bonus on December 1.

 Neela Ramagopal shared anecdotes on her guru TKR. Prof Janakiraman gave a brief speech filled with subtle humour. followed by the keynote address by the Academy's N Murali.

A vintage recording of TKR was played which was not audible. A few youngsters sitting beside me were debating if Krishna would start the concert with tillana and end with varnam !! 

Krishna began with an appealing Atana started with kanakamaya chela. - nee daya raadu.  He went on to an elaborate Vagdeeswari alapana !! Paramatmudulu velige. But the slow paced raaga made us relax.

The main todi raaga, dasarathey was dealt by him in his inimitable style . A brisk tani followed sprinkled with Krishna's bhale and sabash.

Krishna's choice of keertanas . . Todi and Khamas were apt - as a tribute to the late TKR which was acknowleged by TKR family - his sons and grand son. 

And then comes the divyaprabandham in Nalinakanti for which TKR was known for !! A rare raaga for a prabandham followed by a medley of raagas and pasurams  tuned by TKR. 

Trust Krishna to spring a surprise - he concluded the concert with varali ka va va !

- Report and photo by Malini Shankar

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