Thursday, 13 December 2012

Menu goes sans onion

It was Amavasya on Thursday and the Meenambiga Caterers at the Mylapore Fine Arts Club canteen decided to do away with onions in their menu. Vazhaipoo vadai replaced the onion vada and their sambar too had more vegetables in it, in place of the onions.

"Oh, Amavasai? But the menu looks like a concert without thukkada!" exclaimed a rasika.  But his friend who came to the canteen just for a cup of coffee ordered for sevai and vadai too once he knew that they did not use onions that day.

The Thanjajur special Ashoka Halwa was hot on sale that evening. Yet, a rasika ordered for a plate of Kasi Halwa, which the canteen manager said will be in the menu on Friday!

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