Monday, 24 December 2012

Rasika T V R Shenoy shares his views on the season

We bumped into T V R Shenoy in the canteen of The Music Academy this morning. Shenoy, a very senior journalist and columnist on current affairs used to be Editor of The Week magazine of the Malayala Manorama group.

Today, his column, written from his base in New Delhi is syndicated and carried by over 16 publications.

Shenoy said he has been a December season regular for the past 20 years and shared his observations. This season, he is spending about 10 days in the city.

He says while halls like The Music Academy have used professionals to hugely improve their accoustic standards and the washroom facility, similar facilities have seen marginal improvement. He says Narada Gana Sabha has looked at its washroom condition but its audio system leaves a lot to be desired. "Neither I nor  the artistes could enjoy the concert of T. M. Krishna on Sunday, " Shenoy said. And it was a full house, free concert

Shenoy is the kind of rasika who buys season tickets to three sabhas and juggles between them to catch the best and the innovative.

"I like the options a rasika gets. Its like taking academic courses in the UK or USA where you can choose which to go to and which to skip and yet get the best out of the season," he says.

This evening he will be at a concert by Sriram Parasuram and Anuradha Sriram which will meld classical Carnatic and Hindustani with the classical film music.

'Though Bharat Kalachar's hall is below average some of their concerts are creative but rasikas still have to use washrooms used by schoolkids!"

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  1. T V R Shenoy comes up with his own and startlingly realistic observations about anything and everything! A a regular reader of his amazingly shrewd analysis of current affairs on, I felt really happy to see that Shenoy sab also belongs to the band of Carnatic music lovers.
    Dr K Parameswaran, Coimbatore