Monday, 3 December 2012

Guruvayur Dorai rewinds; on stage

It was an emotional moment for mridangist Guruvayur Dorai on Sunday evening.
At the fag end of the concert where he was playing alongside Sikkil Gurucharan for the fest hosted under the Laya Madhuraa banner of mridangist Thiruvarur Bhaktavatsalam, Dorai spoke long at the mike.

He spoke of his early days on the kutcheri circuit in the state and outside, of watching other young mridangists like Bhakatavatsalam master the skills ("never discourage young artistes even if you think they are playing differently, who knows how the talent will shape up") and of his association with young artistes today.

Earlier that evening at Arkay Centre, Luz he had blessed a few very young sishyas at Laya Madhuraa. And then he was in full flow.

Turning to Charan, he said, "I like playing for him and appreciate his sruti suddham," he said.

Alongside him were Sundar Kumar , VVS Murari and Madipakkam Murali.
Dorai did not hold back his thoughts, his emotions. And his co artistes and rasikas listened closely.

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