Monday, 15 December 2014

Yesudoss is also a story-teller

K. J. Yesudoss is a good story-teller. As good as the vocalist that he is. One recent evening, at the opening evening of Chenai Cutlural Academy in T. Nagar where he was decorated with a lifetime achievement award, he shared many stories of his life and of life's lessons.

The veteran artiste dwelt for some time on the attitude and approach of youngsters to the learning of music. He said that his father was only keen to see him learn music and did not encourage anyone to ask the young student to give a concert. "Father did not even shake his head to acknowledge the level of the skills I had mastered," recalled Yesudoss who even folded his hands, like a schoolboy to show the audience the situation that he was in when his dad spoke to him.

It was only when he turned 18 that his father allowed him to perform. 'It is only much much later that I realized the worth and meaning of my father's position," recalled Yesudoss.

He was hinting to the audience that youngsters must not be in a hurry to perform.

He took his time to speak, and speak freely. Even singing the strands of a couple of songs to demonstrate the challenge they posed to vocalists. 

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