Thursday, 11 December 2014

Star on stage; dancer Zakir Hussain

Dancer Zakir Hussain was by all accounts the star of the show. There were many artistes on stage at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha on Thursday evening who were decorated with awards and titles but this male artiste got much of the attention.

And for many reasons. One - that Zakir is a Muslim who has become a professional Bharatanatyam dancer the hard way. Two, he has devoted time to the study of Vaishnavism. Three, his dance give expression to the religious philosophies he believes in.

Zakir left hometown Salem in Tamil Nadu and learnt dance from guru Chitra Visweswaran, one of his many well-wishers who have made his life.

One other, whom Zakir calls his mother is actor-TV anchor Revathi Sankkaran who was at Thursday's event.

For four years now, Zakir has also been hosting Upanyasam at this sabha. He will host a three-sessions discourse this year too around Christmastime.

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