Saturday, 20 December 2014

Kutcheri space out of old film studio floor

What was once one of the film shooting floors for popular actors like MGR is the venue for the music fest of Valayapatti Kaashyap Naadhalaya. Sathya Studios, located on the banks of the Adyar river was once a buzzing film studio with many floors which were bustling in the heydays of Tamil cinema shot indoors.
Long after the studios were closed, a college for women opened, managed by people who are part of the MGR family. One floor, now air-conditioned has been made into an auditorium. It is huge, brightly-lit and set in a sprawling campus that is quiet after the day is done for the college.
Friday's opening event saw a small audience. Nagaswaram artistes are given space at this fest which is open to all.
This may not be a great auditorium but one can listen to music in quiet - the roar of the Adyar traffic is far away.

But the organizers must light up the entrance gate - people new to this venue miss the entry. This campus is now the MGR Janaki College for Women.

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