Friday, 5 December 2014

Festivals begin in western side of the city . . .

Two music festivals have begun in the western side of this city. One at the campus of Meenakshi College in Kodambakkam and another in West K K Nagar.

The first is promoted by an arts body that is promoted by the college management and is run at a pretty large auditorium here.

The second is managed by a local sabha which hires a good auditorium of an engineering college.

These two spaces cater to local rasikas; the latter now caters to a large and dense neighbourhood of this city. But there are still some rasikas who can't do without attending concerts in the city's old and big sabhas. K K Nagar and Vadapalani rasikas head to Krishna Gana Sabha's campus or to the Vani Mahal hall, both in T. Nagar to soak in.

Artistes today are willing to perform at such spaces.

Later today, Friday evening another arts body run by women will launch its music fest in Chetpet.

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