Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Listening to Chitravina Ravi Kiran . . .

You listen when 'Chitravina' Ravi Kiran speaks. On Monday evening, he was responding to a special award he was given by SAFE at Sastri Hall, Luz, Chennai. Many people at the event had referred to his prodigy days and acts.

Ravi said one can attribute the prodigiousness to God/divine gift….but importantly it needed for someone to make the effort to communicate, to teach, to transmit the music to a baby and the credit must go to his father, Narasimhan. Twice that evening, Ravi credited his music to his father who was seated in front of him.

This wasn't a glamorous sabha event but it was evident that Ravi was keen to respect a time-honored Indian culture - to credit his first guru, his dad and his second, T. Brinda, telling his small audience the contributions both made to his learning.

Many will want to know in detail how Narasimhan ' communicated' to his two-year-old son!

Later, during the concert Ravi Kiran presented he was picking up the mike often, giving a preview of the song he was about to play. Dwelling on his 'must play' Oothakaadu Venkata Kavi song……useful information for the newbies of Carnatic music . . .

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