Monday, 15 December 2014

Opening evenings are dull

Inaugurations at five sabhas have been dull affairs. 50 to 75 people in the hall, generally dull speeches, routine deliberations.

The dullest was at two sabhas this far that we at KutcheriBuzz witnessed - at Chennai Cultural Academy in T. Nagar had about three dozen people in the hall when K J Yesudoss entered it.

At The Mylapore Fine Arts Club in Mylapore on the opening evening, everybody who were in the hall before the event looked listless. There must have been three dozen odd here too.

Even the emcee seemed as if he had had a good big lunch and was feeling the effects of it.

Do sabha managers need to think out of the box about these launches? How can this event be a great one to attend?
Is one common launch with recitals, fireworks and high tea the answer?

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