Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bad audio, back-stage chatter; alert to Vani Mahal managers

Reported by Rekha Chari Sairaman

Yesterday was a very unusual evening at Vani Mahal, when Nithyasree Mahadevan took the stage. While she began the concert in a brisk pace, those seated at the rear of the auditorium had to be content with hearing the next seat neighbour breathing, coughs, footsteps and other such trivial distractions, thanks to the virtually non-existent audio system. 

This isn't a one-off incident. 

The same problem cropped up last year too at Vani Mahal. The person heading the audio system unit gave a bizarre reply saying that the poor audio quality was because the singer moved her head as she sang. whoa! 

To add insult to injury, Dr.R.Hemalatha on the violin had to complain midway through her performance about the constant chatter happening at the back stage. 

For a sabha that tops the sponsor count and charges a premium on tickets, its high time its team invests on the audio systems and operator.

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  1. Its shame on the part of Vani Mahal to have invited such cryptic comments. The authorities have to wake up from their deep slumber and tighten their belts for action. Otherwise Fans would soon stop trickling in. Hope this doesn;t fall on deaf ears....