Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Concerts online; how many are watching them?

More and more rasikas are enjoying the 'season' concerts online. A few people are making the effort to web stream them, now that the technology is easy and cheaper.
One man who is at it is Ramakrishnan of Arkay Centre in Luz whose cosy performance space draws many rasikas.
Fitted with the accessories required to webcast, the small team here puts out photos and live concerts. Ramakrishnan says though the number of people watching 'live' is small lots more watch the recitals if they are hosted online.
"This is a small but committed attempt..let us see how this progresses," says the arts promoter.

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  1. My hearty felicitations Shri. Ramakrishnan of Arkay Centre for his very noble service to web stream the concerts by which the rasikas like me are able to watch them.Hope this service will be made available for all other Sabhas also.