Monday, 8 December 2014

Passionate promoter; SAFE Ramabhadran

Imagine heading to a hall at 4.30 p.m. for a function in Chennai. The December nip in the air makes it a pleasant task and when SAFE's annual music festival launch at Sastri Hall in Luz got going, the small hall was half-full.

This was a small but warm community. They were here to support arts promoter Ramabhadran, known more famous as the Music Triangle Ramabhadran during his Bombay days when he promoted  the arts.

The small-made man, now in his 80s enjoys his passion. He knows every artiste - senior and the young, is methodical in his programming and loves to give the stage to young talent.

At Monday's event guests and artistes had many warm words for Ramabhadran who went about his business of rewarding 11 artistes and then enjoying the music of Chitravina Ravi Kiran.

SAFE celebrates the life Ramabhadran lost - that of his daughter who died young. Her framed photo was kept alongside the vilakku that was lit on this occasion.

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