Sunday, 28 December 2014

The 90-minute RTP

Did you ever hear an RTP in kamboji lasting an hour and half of which the raga alapana was for 35 mins? 
If your answer is yes then most probably you attended Abhishek Raghuram's concert at Vani Mahal on Dec. 24. 
What a scholarly  and complete portrayal of kamboji! The well attended audience got so much enthused most of them could be seen actively marking time for the tani.  To attract houseful audience, an artiste need not do different things like pulling back the violinist, pushing forward the passive kanjira accompanist or offering  fragmented and severed concert items; you only have to strike the right notes. 
Rasikas are intelligent and they know how to judge the artiste. Artistes who resort to gimmicks will soon find themselves dumped by the roadside.

- Comment by Ravi Shankar

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