Monday, 1 December 2014

Notes at Bharat Kalachar's festival launch

Notes at the inauguration of the music fest at Bharat Kalachar. Nov.30, 2014 evening.

- Kalpathi Suresh, CEO of the Kalpathi which among investments and projects also produces films under the AGS banner was the chief guest. But it appeared him mind was elsewhere this evening! Ms YGP, the grand lady of this place said Suresh was a PSBB school alumni ( the school is Ms YGP's baby) and that she was happy Suresh was supporting education and the arts. Suresh though was not to be seen midway through the awards event; his chair remained unoccupied for some time before a volunteer took it away. We weren't told what happened to the guest!

- Bharat Kalachar's events are all family! Ms YGP's folks are involved and a lot of back-slapping and light talk and informality runs through events like Sunday evening's launch and awards. With actor Y G Mahendra around, his wisecracks and bagful of anecdotes keeps guests and audience rolling in some laughter. Guests are either amused, taken aback or laugh it off.

- Actors Radhika Sarat Kumar and Suhasini Mani Ratnam got all the attention film stars always hold.  Ms YGP recalled the occasion when she watched the media show of Radhika's ' Kizhakku Pogum Rail' film', wrote a review for The Hindu and mentioned that this was an actor to watch out for. Others hailed Radhika's current position as an entertainment entrepreneur ( her company now produces many TV serials ).

- Two people always get their due attention at Bharat Kalachar events. Mr YGP and Semmangudi Srinivasaiyer - for their role in founding the organization and the life in the early days. (This is the 28th edition of the margazhi fest by Kalachar). The duo's portraits are painted in the auditorium which is named after the late YGP.

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