Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Natya Darshan, dance seminar and recitals from Dec.18

If dance is your passion/interest then you may want to attend the annual Natya Darshan event hosted by Kartik Fine Arts at Bharatiya Vidya Bjavan, Mylapore starting Dec.18 evening and on till Dec.21.
The morning sessions are for academic talks and short lec-dems while the evenings offer recitals by some of the best creative artistes from India and abroad.

The focus of Natya Darshan - Lotus Blooms - is on the creative process of artistes, with speakers sharing their experiences.

The seminar is curated by dancer Malavika Sarukkai along with Prof. Hari Krishnan. Among the speakers are afrt historian B N Goswami, writer-researcher Vikram Sampath and dancer and guru Prof C V Chandrasekar.

The host, Kartik Fine Arts wants to encourage dancers and dance students to sign up for the entire seminar and will offer free tickets to 25 regulars for the evening recitals, some of them will be chosen to also perform at the sabha's next dance festival.

Though Natya Darshan seminars have been well organized and stimulating it gets small audiences at the academic sessions. The sabha wants dance gurus to encourage their students to attend the event.

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