Monday, 8 December 2014

Another pedestrian sabha fest launch

We have given up on these festival launches. They are a 'gone case'.
There are three dozen people seated inside the Infosys Hall at the Ramakrishna Mission School on Bazullah Road, T Nagar where Mudhra holds its concerts and allied events.

The hall can seat about 1000 people. The atmosphere is dull though the hall is over-lit.

This is an evening ( Dec. 6) to honor dance guru Sudharani Raghupathy. A bunch of her students double up, late in reporting to await a turn to greet their guru after the award is given.

Senior dancer and guru Padma Subramanyam is here - she, Chitra Visweswaran and Sudharani are contemporaries and are often present at such events.

One more festival launch over, we choose to watch teens play badminton in the open courts in this campus. The canteen set up for the music fest offers hot tea and bonda free to all guests. Helps on a  chill Satrurday evening.

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