Thursday, 10 December 2015

Three artistes présent their prayer

Sabhas gave their festival launch events a touch of solemnity in the light of the deluge and devastation in the city.

At Vani Mahal in T. Nagar, three artistes created a unique tribute.
Soon after the artistes were decorated with awards, vocalists and sisters, Ranjani and Gayathri and dancer Srinidhi Chidambaram presented an impromptu recital in front of the guests on stage and a half-filled hall.
They chose a kriti that talks about shepherds seeking help from lord Krishna as the rain comes down heavily and the lord holds up the Govardhan hill to provide protection.

While the sisters sang from one side, Srinidhi performed at the other end, with everybody soaking in that act. 

And the chief guest, the jeer of Emperumanar Jeer Mutt, Alawarthirunagari touched on the effort of the trio.

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