Friday, 18 December 2015

Tanam; a scholar makes it easy to understand at lec-dem

Lec-dems sometimes fly over the heads of a lay rasika. They can be too technical and/or boring. But the lec-dem by Dr. R. S. Jayalaksmi I attended recently was illuminating, to say the least. 

A topic like Tanam (in an RTP), its structure and its development was demonstrated in simple, clear and quiet style and a novice to such intricacies that I am was well-educated that morning.

Jayalakshmi spoke on the types of tanams, the phrase oriented ragas, ghana ragas, ragas like bhairavi and shankarabharanam and what could be the apt ragas to sing a RTP in. 

She said that a vidwan who had grasped the essence of a raga could handle any challenges that a structure of raga could bring. 
She sang as well as played on the veena to demonstrate every point she made - this  made understanding the grandeur of the Tanam a lot easier. 

Hence, when I get to listen to someone sing an RTP  my understanding and appreciation as a rasika will be that much batter.

Dr. Jayalakshmi is an 'A' grade artiste of All India Radio. She holds a doctorate in music for her thesis “Gamakas in Sangita Sampradaya Pradarshini”.  She is currently the teaching faculty at the schools run by The Music Academy and Narada Gana Sabha

- Report by Kalyani Hariharan

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