Thursday, 10 December 2015

A former judge recalls a MFAC anecdote . . .

Justice K. Chandru was not only a kind of activist-judge when he sat in Madras High Court but also set a path that has a record. 
Today, in his retirement he speaks his mind at public meetings - for he is a popular speaker invitee.

On December 9 evening, as chief guest at Mylapore Fine Arts Club sabha he said that while people debated if the Season must go on or not, he said he supported the first thought because the arts had a way of comforting people.

And then he recalled an anecdote. An incident in the Madurai Bench of the High Court some years ago where a state officer was charged in a case.
The officer's lawyer, as part of his plea said that his client had among things been felicitated by Mylapore Fine Arts for his service and this must be considered by the court.
Said Chandru at the sabha event as people began to guffaw. "Only then did I realise the value being attached to these felicitations…however I couldn't pardon that officer for the crime was serious."

Photo shows the guests and artistes at the sabha's flag hoisting event that is part of the launch tradition here.

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