Thursday, 24 December 2015

Season 2015; jottings by three rasikas

Featured below are jottings made by three rasikas on Season 2015.

<< Two points made during this 'season'
One - why do instrumental music concerts draw a small audience? From my experience, I find these artistes do not announce the kriti / ragam before playing the song and I am left guessing  all the time! 
Two - the air-conditioning is many halls is not maintained with relation to outside temperature. Seniors like us are left freezing in this December cold. So we try not to attend the post 7 p.m. concerts.
We request hall staff to keep a tab on the air-conditioning levels.
-  By D. Gopalakrishnan

<<  I attend the main concerts daily at Music Academy. This far, on most days, the shanmugapriya raga has been employed in ragam tanam pallavi.
For rasikas who are regulars this is surely an overdose!
- By V. Hariharan

<< The renovation at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha is welcome but we have a problem - by putting foam cushions on nice cane chairs, the back level has changed and many people are felling very uneasy.
The chairs were designed without they cushions in mind, we assume. So we have a back problem now! 
- By R. Savithri

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