Monday, 7 December 2015

The evening Chennai was deluged . . .

Are you having a party?,  I asked the Trichur Brothers afar they were decorated by Kartik Fine Arts with awards on the evening of December 1.
"We can but not in this rain."
It had been raining all evening and as the opening evening's function closed with a play on saint Thyagaraja at 10 p.m. the streets outside the venue, Narada Gana Sabha were flooding.
The deluge was on. And from that night on, the city, most parts went under water.
And so did the schedules of a few sabhas who were preparing to launch the Season festivals.
Kartik cancelled its concerts, Narada Gana Sabha cancelled its pre-Fest concerts and Brahma Gana Sabha managers who use a school's hall in Alwarpet cried off since water had seeped into the hall.
By that weekend, it was clear sabhas would be thinking hard as to how they would manage the festival ahead.

< Photo featured here was how the campus of one performance venue - Sivagami Petacchi Auditorium, M Ct M School, Alwarpet looked 2 days ago

( This is a delayed post since communication lines were down due to the deluge in Chennai, where we are based).

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