Friday, 11 December 2015

Season wams up; overflowing hall in Luz

The season is indeed warming up.

Rasikas who headed to Raga Sudha hall in Luz which seats 250 people said it was packed and many rasikas had to stand outside and listen to the music of vocalist Ramakrishnan Murthy.

At Bhavans in Mylapore, the main auditorium was also packed. Some 750 people sat to listen to violinists, Ganesh and Kumaresh play their brand of music.

It has been a slow start at at least 4 venues but surely, the better artistes are getting in the rasikas.

The roads and streets though dry now after the 4 days of sunshine are dirty and dusty and doctors have warned people of diseases breaking out.

However, in the inner colonies people still suffer with dirt and wet streets and a tattered life to be mended.

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