Monday, 21 December 2015

Critical Dancers; to dance or not to

There seems to have been a flurry of underground jibes at dancers this season. Jibes made at dancers who cancelled their recitals in the wake of the deluge and those who have gone ahead to perform.
In her speech as chuff guest the launch of the festival of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Kalakshetra director Priyadarshini Govind veered off her prepared text and touchéd on this issue rather firmly.
She said she was disappointed that dancers who are performing this season are being  targeted with sharp comments.
"The season provides artistes, technicians and others the renumeration that keeps them going," she said.
That is a sentiment that has been echoed by guests at other sabha functions.

"The payment may not be big but it is a source of income for us," said Umayalpuram Mali, mridangist on the sidelines of an awards ceremony.

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