Thursday, 24 December 2015

Some sabhas make a killing at box-office. Rasikas not amused.

Sabha managers seek to make a killing on the eve of a concert by the 'stars' of Carnatic music. Making money is part of their business. But this attitude is turning off loads of rasikas who cannot afford tickets priced tav Rs.400 and Rs.500. And depriving them of the music of the stars.
And the result is - many rows of empty seats in the front section of an auditorium.
If you want to ensure a ticket for 'star' concerts you have to get to the venue early to book one - which is a huge waste of time for working rasikas.
And if you manage to rush in 30minutes before the concert, you are offered the high-priced tickets.

The 'make a killing' strategy has certainly not gone down well with many rasikas. Some have decided to stay away from these concerts. "Fleecing rasikas who have limited budgets is a disservice, " said one disappointed rasika who was keen to be at Sankay Subrahmanyam's concert at Brahma Gana Sabha.

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