Saturday, 19 December 2015

Checking out sabha canteens

Sabha canteens will be expecting the Big Rush this weekend and the next as families head here to sit for a feast.
The buzz on the menu at the sabha canteens is doing the rounds, well beyond the rasikas. So office-goers file in for a meal in the afternoon or a snack in the evenings. Families invade the places on weekends.

Lots of Jain families who enjoy great vegetarian food crowd the sabha canteens, especially on weekends. And they come from as far as central and north Madras.

The afternoon meal costs anywhere between Rs.175 and Rs.300 and the spread is pretty big with special dishes every other afternoon.

At Mountbatten's canteen, set up at Vidya Bharathi hall, off Royapettah High Road ( venue for concerts of Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha), you can even ask for parcel meals - costs a bit extra.

Sabha canteens cannot make money only from feeding rasikas. One caterer at a Alwarpet hall has put up a promo signboard at the gate so the word gets out to the neighborhood.

Try the Guntur iddlis at the Music Academy canteen - to get fired up. Or the mini iddlis in mor-kozhambu served at the canteen at Mylapore Fine Arts.

Mountbatten's place is very pricey. And the canteen at Narada Gana Sabha seems to be the current favorite. ( it is located at the rear of the sabha campus on TTK Road, Alwarpet).

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