Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Prasanna chord . . .

You may call it close marketing. Or, taking off to play your own music.

Guitarist R. Prasanna back in the season circuit often signs off his concerts with his own compositions, all from the albums he has released thus far.

On Wednesday evening at the Bhavan's hall in Mylapore , at what was surely a truncated concert ( the previous artiste played into 15 mins of his time) Prasanna signed off with the 'Peaceful' song from an album by that name.

And he didn't shy from telling the audience that they could come by backstage if they wanted to buy his albums. A few did. "Since I produce my albums I must find all ways to sell them myself!".

Prasanna flies to Mumbai to score music for a docu-film and is back for two more concerts here before flying home in the USA. "In time for my daughter's birthday!," he quips.

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