Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Canteen. For rasikas only.

Eating and relaxing between concerts at the sabha canteens is one rasikas enjoy during the season as much as they enjoy music and dance inside the halls.There are also food-overs who look for 'season' special at these canteens.

Among the popular ones is Sree Gnanambika Catereing Service at  Narada Gana Sabha. Their menu card is made daily instead of a standard laminated card for all the days. There is one special item every day and side dishes include traditional items like 'Inji thogaiyal' and 'Puli mandi'.
No wonder there are rasikas for the canteen too.

But this season, Narada Gana Sabha organisers have strictly say 'no' to outsiders who wish to have only food and not listening to music there. There are boards put up right from the gate to the entrance to the canteen on the rear that the canteen facilities are for sabha audience only.

The canteen manager says this is mainly to avoid congestion in parking cars inside the campus who adds that they do have their own regulars for the lunch every year.

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