Monday, 16 December 2013

Colourful opening at The Music Academy

Gorgeously dressed in the best of her Conjeevaram, Sudha Ragunathan, the Sangita Kalanidhi designate of this year added colour to the festive look of the Music Academy's opening day. Her family, friends, sishyas and fans surrounded her at the entrance and lobby of the Academy.

When the curtains went up, the even more colourful backdrop of the dais matched Sudha's attire on the evening.

With the Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam, one could guess what would be the centre point of his talks. The copyright and intellectual property rights were all over his presidential address.
"In the contemporary times, the taunting spear for music industry is piracy," he said. Though the police routinely confiscated and destroyed counterfeit CDs, they were not able to make a dent in production and sale of pirated albums, he observed.

N. Murali, president of The Music Academy said that Sudha is one of the youngest musicians chosen for the prestigious award of Sangita Kalanidhi in several years. He recalled the association and connection of the legal profession with The Music Academy that Justice T.L. Venkatrama Iyer was a Sanita Kalanidhi as well served as president of the Academy.

Sudha Ragunathan in her acceptance speech dedicated the award to her guru M.L. Vasanthakumari. She was proud that she is the fourth generation recipient of the award beginning from G.N. Balasubramanian.

She put forth an appeal to Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to ensure that classical music became part of the mainstream academic curriculam.

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