Saturday, 14 December 2013

'Season' begins at Narada Gana Sabha

It is the usual and ritualistic inaugural ceremony at the Narada Gana Sabha this evening. Begins with a short vedic chanting. And the Swami Sadasiva Giri of Tapovanam inaugurates and confers title and awards on senior musicians 'Flute' Ramani, Jayalakshmi Santhanam and Nadaswaram vidwan S.R.G. Rajanna.

With over 150 music concerts, dance recitals and dramas, the special in this sabha this year is exclusive slot for Ragam Tanam Pallavi every day, announced the president of the sabha amidst applause.

Felicitation by N.V. Subramaniam was anecdotal with references of the Veena-Venu-Violin concerts and N. Ramani taking part in them spontaneously and of the young Jayalakshmi during his Secundrabad days.
"Music is pleasing, edifying and elevating and it also elevates people around those who sing," said Swami Sadasiva Giri in his long speech.

'Flute' Ramani though looked fragile, walked up briskly to the podium for the acceptance speech. Having more than 110 titles and awards to his credit, Ramani was calm and composed receiving the title 'Nadhabrahmam' from this sabha. He had nothing much to say apart from the customary 'thank you' notes. Young flutists from the centres of Ramani's Academy of Flute (RAF) in India and abroad honoured Ramani with Shawls. Veena artiste Revathy Krishna had also brought in a shawl for the maestro.

While Kadri Gopalnath was in full form inside the hall, the canteen on the rear side put up by Gnanambika Caterers was also abuzz with musicians and rasikas steadily flowing in and out.

The board in front of the hall says the canteen is open only for the attendees of the concerts and not outsiders! But then, there is always the evening eatery of the Woodlands which is open to all here.

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