Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Solo Jugalbandhi!

The evening programme at BVB on 8.12.13 was scheduled to be a Jugalbandhi by Anruradha Sriram and Dr. Sriram Parasuram.  Since Anuradha was unwell, Sriram had to perform a solo Jugalbandhi.

Sriram announced the names of Ragas and their counterpart in Hindustani, as the selection of kritis were of rare kind.

The first  was a composition by  Subrahmanya Bharathi on Mannakula Vinayakar, tuned in Raga Chakravaham by Sriram himself and the allied Raga in Hindustani was Ahir Bhairav.

He then gave a rare kriti of Dikshithar,  ‘Sthavarajadinutha’ followed by a Thumri in Raga Mond.

Hamsakalyani, as the name indicates, the Aarohana is Hamsadhwani and the Avarohana is Mecha Kalyani, a composition, ‘Amba Sri Parameswari’   by Tanjore Sankara Aiyer was the main piece.

The real Jugalbandhi started when the thaniavarthanam set to Adhi Talam, for this song was performed by Patri Satishkumar on mridangam and D. Jagadish on Tabla.

The Youtube link for Thani is given here.

The RTP in Thodi / BilasKhani Thodi, followed by ragas Rajeswari and Darbari Kanada held the audience spellbound.

The concert ended with an Abhang.  The Mangalam ‘Pavamana’ was performed by all the artistes on the dais.

- Reported by V. Vasantha.

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