Saturday, 14 December 2013

Opening evening at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha

Observed at the opening evening of the 'season' at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in T. Nagar.  Few dancers.

And this is an odd sight for, the dancers' community is always here in sizable numbers at the sabha's inauguration because it decorates dancers and dance gurus with titles.

The start was delayed on Friday evening and when the curtain went up, we were presented with a bright, designer backdrop made from what looked like plastic-ky material.

It was an evening to celebrate senior dancer Swapnasundari who has popularised Vilasini Natyam and Prof A Janardhanan who has been at Kalakshetra for close to five decades.

Felicitating them were dance guru V P Dhananjayan and dancer Priyadarshini Govind.

The speeches were a tad long as were the ones made by the awardees, though what the latter had to say was wholly anecdotal.

The event could have been much smarter though. Sabha head Y. Prabhu has this rather annoying habit of butting into the mike now and then and his deputy, a senior person trips in the introductions.
A smart emcee could really hold this august function together.

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