Thursday 12 December 2019

Walking Tour to get close look at December Season

There is a lot more than concerts and lectures that can enrich the December Season in  Chennai.

Walking Tours. Home-based cultural experience. Workshops. Chamber concerts.

A few enterprises are happening and here is one for those who are new to the Season - a heritage-cultural tour happening in Mylapore on Dec.15, Sunday.

Carnatic artiste Madhuvanthi Badri leads this tour will take a closer look at Chennai’s classical music and dance heritage as you walk in and around Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple. Those on this Walk will also get inside a sabha hall to get a firsthand expereince, we are told.

Charges: Adults - Rs. 800; Children aged 12 yrs and below - Rs. 400 (payable in advance along with the registration)

For more details, call 9940458435, latest by Dec.14.

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