Tuesday 3 December 2019

Boring speeches at festival launches

Tamil Nadu's governor has been invited to be chief guest at the launch of many a music or dance festival. He makes an effort to say a few words in Thamizh; Bhanwarilal Purohit is from north India.

But his speeches are boring and dry. They sound like primer classes on south India classical arts for juniors. They will tell an audience who the Trinity are, how a flute is made, and the roots of Thamizh classics besides listing the Carnatic music maestros and their contribution.

Most guests don't fall asleep but tolerate it quietly. As they did at the opening evening of Brahma Gana Sabha's fest on December 3 evening.

Why can't such important people of the state have better speech writers who communicate well and look to knowledgeable people to learn a bit that will help them write something that rings with the audience ?

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