Wednesday 18 December 2019

A tribute to Mandolin Shrinivas, by his sishya

Young mandolin artiste Aravind Bhargav presented his concert on Dec.16 morning at The Music Academy. This was evidently a high-point in his growing career. 

A sishya os late mandolin maestro U. Shrinivas, Bhargav shared his feelings on social media of the invitation to perform where his guru had held centre-stage for many years. This is what Bhargav wrote -

A dream come true. It's only surreal to think that for close to a decade I used to sit on the stage close to the left side monitor, listening and seeing Shrinivas sir create magic year after year. I only ever wanted to be good enough to sit behind him as a support. To play solo is something I never honestly believed I would do on this holy dais. Guruji and the Universe have been incredibly kind. Truly overwhelmed.

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