Monday 23 December 2019

Music nook in city's new pedestrian plaza

The city has been talking about Pondy Bazaar's Pedestrian Plaza ever since it was launched formally a few weeks ago - a Smart City project of wide pavements with colorful furniture, wall art and avenue trees, electric buggies to transport seniors, 'smart' cycles stands, designated parking and smart street lighting in what is Chennai's hotspot for shopping.

Of late, musicians are being hosted in one inner space on the pavement to give shoppers some entertainment - and so, on Saturday last, in line with the December Season spirit, two kutcheris were held here, courtesy 'Times of India'. One was presented by sisters Archana and Aarati.  This was light music that let the small groups of shoppers soak in a bit and then move on.

Western music gigs have also been held here and more such events are planned.

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