Friday, 1 December 2017

Little promoter of music!

Music promoter Lalitha Ramachandran, based in Bangalore continues what the Parivadini banner set out to do - put great talent music on stage and beam the concerts to the world, via YouTube.
Those concerts make great archival music material if you choose to listen to them now.
The Parivadini banner is back this 'season'. With concerts at Raga Sudha Hall, Luz.

But this year, a bunch of young artistes are going on stage. They will perform only for an hour. But the recital will showcase some new talent; chosen from many who applied to be chosen specially for the concert series.
If you cannot be at the concerts, do go online and listen live. or when time permits.
And if you like what Parivadini is doing, loosen your purse and make a donation.

Such small, passionate efforts run on donations!

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