Saturday, 25 November 2017

Why are not sabhas offering online tickets booking?

We received this e-mail from the Thavasodys from England. And the note reflects the frustration that rasikas, even those who reside in Chennai express on the issue of booking tickets for concerts.
Here is a section of the e-mail -
Every year, when we arrive in Chennai for the music festival, we get disappointed as most of the best tickets for top artistes are sold out.
Please advise as to whether it would be possible to buy the tickets on line from abroad (England) . . .

In our conversation with sabha managers we have not been able to fathom the reluctance to sign up well known ticket booking sites to get the job done.

For all those who must get tickets to the Music Academy concerts, it calls for spending a few hours at the Academy on the morning the box-office opens for season tickets.

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