Sunday, 3 December 2017

A rasika's opening remarks on Season 2017

As the 'Season' unfolds, a regular at the festival, N. Srikumar jots a few thoughts; on the irritating system at sabhas to book tickets, the condition of washrooms at some venues and on promoting music/dance students to attend concerts.

Here are excerpts from Srikumar's jottings ; in his own words - you may want to comment on them!

- A few things are status quo though one wished this was not! The long-pending wish of rasikas to source tickets on-line may still remain a distant dream, barring just one or two sabhas. Despite the government's push for cashless transactions, sabhas simply refuse to oblige. The only thing a few are willing to offer is credit card payment and that too only for season tickets. 

- The condition of washrooms at sabhas has considerably improved over the years, though it's still a far cry from even the minimum standards at fests where concerts are held in schools or marriage halls.

- Is there an effort to admit students of music who may not afford the high-priced tickets to main concerts at sabhas? There appears to be no concession or free admission to main concerts for students in general and music students in particular. Sabhas can offer concessional rates at least to students.

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