Monday, 25 December 2017

Natya Conference is on 'Sringaram'; here is a preview note

Here comes the second academic-recitals fest on classical dance - Natya Kala Conference, hosted by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha at its T. Nagar premises. It opens on Dec.26 morning.

Dancer-doctor Srinidhi Chidambaram is the convenor, carrying on from this role of last Season.

The theme this December is 'Sringaram'.

Here is an exeerpt from a note from Srinidhi on 'Sringaram' -

 '…..  love is hailed as the king of rasas.  Delineating subtle shades and hues, it is a complex rasa that is evoked from the multi-layered dynamics of love and romance. \ The 2017 edition of the Natya Kala Conference is an attempt to celebrate sringaram in all its glory.

'We aim to explore why this rasa, one of the navarasas, has enjoyed the privilege of being hailed as the supreme rasa, capable of constant innovation in creation and expression. 

'The Natya Kala Conference 2017 offers a insightful exploration of the various interpretations and connotations of Sringaram in different genres of not only Indian classical dance but also its manifestation across the Indian performing arts.'

'This year, exponents from across all classical dance forms including Sadanam Balakrishnan (Kathakali), Sharmila Biswas (Odissi), Vaibhav Arekar (Bharatanatyam), and Rajendra and Niurpama (Kathak), amongst others will present their insights into sringaram.

'Some of the subjects that will be explored in the sessions include sringaram from the male perspective, sringaram from the Geeta Govindam, sringaram in the compositions of maharaja Swati Tirunal, sringaram – from Tyagaraja’s eyes amongst others.

'A few eminent personalities like writer Devdutt Pattanaik, poet Vairamuthu, and writer-historian V Sriram are also billed to speak here.'

The conference is also hosting an exclusive workshop by Bharatanatyam and Abhinaya exponent, Priyadarsini Govind on performing Sringaram, in a parallel venue - this is for students of dance. For info, contact 9840792782.

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