Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Welcome to Season 2015!!

Welcome to Season 2015.
I write this on a day when the rains hold back and we wonder if we will have a true monsoon, which keeps its date at this time of the year in this part of India.

It broke on the eve of November but has been patchy and that is not good news for lots of people who depend on it.

We at KutcheriBuzz start out work, as if on cue in early October. We need to get going on the production of the two Season Guides that KB brings out - one for the music concerts and one for dance.

Thankfully, our advertisers respond fairly quickly. Our sabhas don't. So we call and call and hope the schedules reach us early to get the Guides out by December 5/7. Though these should ideally be out by November 23/25.

One must say this is boring work. But when it comes out as a Guide it is valued and that is what makes us devote time to this part of the Season's work.

There will not be any surprises between the covers. And if you are traveling to Madras/Chennai later in December there will be some copies left for people like you to pick up - at the KB office.

I guess in an age when people use smartphones at every turn, the Guides are irrelevant for some rasikas! But they have their place!!

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